Summer Number Theory 2013

Welcome to the page for Summer@Brown 2013 Number Theory with David Lowry-Duda!

This is the course website. Here, there (were — back in 2013) copies of the syllabus, problem sets, exams, etc., as well as basic information about the course.

But much more importantly, at the bottom of the page there is a comment section, where I encourage you to write as many comments as you want. If you have a question, concern, response, idea, or perhaps even a topic you’d really like to go over, leave a comment!  If this is your first time visiting this page, leave a comment below so that you’ll be able to comment in the future (I moderate first-comments).

Course Information: Number Theory: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics
Instructor: David Lowry-Duda
Syllabus: available here

Links to discussion pages:

  • A (real and correct) proof of the $latex sin$ problem from Day 1
  • Highpoints from the first week
  • A note on the Chinese Remainder Theorem, with two applications we didn’t talk about in class

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