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Welcome to the page for Summer@Brown 2013 Number Theory with David Lowry-Duda!

This is the course website. Here, there (were — back in 2013) copies of the syllabus, problem sets, exams, etc., as well as basic information about the course.

But much more importantly, at the bottom of the page there is a comment section, where I encourage you to write as many comments as you want. If you have a question, concern, response, idea, or perhaps even a topic you'd really like to go over, leave a comment!  If this is your first time visiting this page, leave a comment below so that you'll be able to comment in the future (I moderate first-comments).

Course Information: Number Theory: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics Instructor: David Lowry-Duda Email: djlowry@math.brown.edu Syllabus: available here

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Comments (8)
  1. 2013-06-23 davidlowryduda

    This is the comment section! When you first post a comment, it will be held in a moderation queue, but don't worry - I go through the comments pretty quickly.

  2. 2013-06-24 Leah

    Hey this is Leah! Just leaving a comment like you suggested! I remember you saying something about writing our birthdates so mine in January 13th

  3. 2013-06-24 Prairie

    Hi! My birthday is on March 25.

  4. 2013-06-24 Owen

    My birthday is the same as that of Chuck Norris and one of the world's most infamous figures.

  5. 2013-06-25 Emili

    I was born on that same day as Walt Disney...? Why are we doing this?

  6. 2013-06-26 davidlowryduda

    I mentioned that you could write a comment and say anything you want, even just your birthday. But it's becoming a monster of its own - cute.

  7. 2013-06-26 Emili


    I sent my math teacher the link to your website... specifically the 'Humor' section! She loved it, and added it to her bookmarks :)

  8. 2013-07-02 Prairie

    I know that the practice test is supposed to spell dinosaur, but for question 5 I got 25 which would be an extra o. (I was doing (1/5) (mod 31).) I checked 29 which is what the answer should be to spell dinosaur and it didn't work. All the rest of them worked out correctly though.