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An Application of Mobius Inversion to Certain Asymptotics I

In this note, I consider an application of generalized Mobius Inversion to extract information of arithmetical sums with asymptotics of the form $latex \displaystyle \sum_{nk^j \leq x} f(n) = a_1x + O(x^{1 – \epsilon})$ for a fixed $latex j$ and a constant $latex a_1$, so that the sum is over both $latex n$ and $latex k$. We will see that $latex \displaystyle \sum_{nk^j \leq x} f(n) = a_1x + O(x^{1-\epsilon}) \iff \sum_{n \leq x} f(n) = \frac{a_1x}{\zeta(j)} + O(x^{1 – \epsilon})$.


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