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Tiontobl: A combinatorial game

As a sophomore at Georgia Tech, I took a class on Combinatorial Game Theory with two good friends, David Hollis (now at Reckless Abandon Labs, which he founded) and Michelle Delcourt (now working towards her PhD at UIUC). As a final project, we were supposed to analyze a game combinatorially. The three of us ended up creating a game, called Tiontobl, and we wrote a brief paper. We submitted it to the journal Integers, but we were asked to revise and expand part of the paper. At some point in time, we’ll finish revising the paper and submit it again (it’s harder now, since we’re split across the country – but it will happen).

Nonetheless, I was talking about it the other day, and I thought I should put the current paper out there.

The paper can be found here (tiontobl).

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