Slides from a Dissertation Defense

I just defended my dissertation. Thank you to Jeff, Jill, and Dinakar for being on my Defense Committee. In this talk, I discuss some of the ideas and follow-ups on my thesis. I’ll also take this moment to include the dedication in my thesis.

ThesisDedicationHere are the slides from my defense.

After the defense, I gave Jeff and Jill a poster of our family tree. I made this using data from Math Genealogy, which has so much data.


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2 Responses to Slides from a Dissertation Defense

  1. John Anderson says:

    That’s an amazing family tree! How did you make it?

    • mixedmath says:

      Thanks John! The data is from Math Genealogy (which is amazing). I scraped this data with python and created a (data structure) graph. I added and edited some data by hand, such as creating the pairings between the married couples. Then I converted this graph into the DOT language specification, and used graphviz to create the graph itself. Finally I used $\LaTeX$ to create the labels and combined them together into one pdf. Each individual step is quite easy, even if en masse they seem quite hard.

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