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Quanta wrote an article Elliptic Curve 'Murmurations' Found With AI Take Flight (link to article).

The article describes some of the story behind the recent murmurations in number theory phenomena that I've been giving talks about. I think it's a pretty well-written article that gives a reasonable overview. Check it out!

It touches on my recent work with Bober, Booker, and Lee.If they'd waited a couple of weeks, then they might have been able to include forthcoming work with Booker, Lee, Seymour-Howell, and Zubrilina! But we're a couple of weeks away for that, I think.

And as far as I see, Quanta is the only outlet (in English) that covers recent research developments in math for a non-specialist audience (pop-math). It's certainly the case that mathematicians aren't doing a particularly job covering our own work in an accessible way.

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  1. 2024-03-05 DLD

    I experiment with mirroring some commentary from Mastodon and here. This is from @davidlowryduda@mathstodon.

    Quanta wrote an article on murmurations that mentions the work of my collaborators Bober, Booker, Lee, and I.

    We're not the focus, but we're there - and that's pretty cool. Check it out.

    I hope to announce another paper in the same direction in the next couple of weeks, too.