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I help maintain the following programming projects:

LMFDB: (source), the code running the L-functions and Modular Forms website LMFDB. I’m one of the major contributors to the project. The grant that supported my postdoc at the University of Warwick included support for me to contribute to the LMFDB, and the grant that funds me at ICERM is closely connected to the LMFDB. I still maintain it. If you have questions about the LMFDB or about how to get involved, let me know!

Phase-mag-plot: (source), sage/cython code to produce complex plots with indications of both phase and magnitude. I created this repository and code, and this is a major ingredient in my visualizations of modular forms and complex functions. (I haven’t yet released my additional tools used to produce colormap plots for the LMFDB or my paper on visualizing modular forms, but these are available upon request). At some point in the future I will incorporate this into sage.

LaTeX2Jax: (source), a tool to convert LaTeX documents to HTML with MathJax. This is a modification of the earlier MSE2WP, which converts Math.StackExchange flavored markdown to WordPress+MathJax compatible html. In particular, this is more general, and allows better control of the resulting html by exposing more CSS elements (that generically aren’t available on free WordPress setups). This is what is used for all math posts on this site.

MSE2WP: (source), a tool to convert Math.Stackexchange flavored markdown to WordPress+MathJax compatible html. This was once written for the Math.Stackexchange Community Blog. This began as a modified version of latex2wp.

I actively contribute to:

SageMath: (main site), a free and open source system of tools for mathematics. Some think of it as a free alternative to the “Big M’s” — Maple, Mathematica, Magma.

Conrey-Dirichlet-Characters: (source), sage/cython code for working with Dirichlet characters with a proper indexing scheme as used on the LMFDB. This project is run primarily by J. Bober (University of Bristol).

Matplotlib: (main site), a plotting library in python. Most of the static plots on this site were creating using matplotlib or my extensions for matplotlib.

And I generally support or have contributed to:

HNRSS: (source), a HackerNews RSS generator written in python. HNRSS periodically updates RSS feeds from the HN frontpage and best list. It also attempts to automatically summarize the link (if there is a link) and includes the top five comments, all to make it easier to determine whether it’s worth checking out.

crouton: (source), a tool for making Chromebooks, which by default are very limited in capability, into hackable linux laptops. This lets you directly run Linux on the device at the same time as having ChromeOS installed. The only cost is that there is absolutely no physical security at all (and every once in a while a ChromeOS update comes around and breaks lots of things). It’s great!

vundle: (source), a minimalist but powerful vim plugin manager. Now that vim8 comes with a native plugin manager, there are fewer reasons to use vundle. (Please note that the actual maintainers of vundle have abandoned the project, so this will soon be abandonware).

python-markdown2: (source),  a fast and complete python implementation of markdown, with a few additional features.

Below, you can find my most recent posts tagged “Programming” on this site.

I will note the following posts which have received lots of positive feedback.

  1. A Notebook Preparing for a Talk at Quebec-Maine
  2. A Brief Notebook on Cryptography
  3. Computing pi with Tools from Calculus (which includes computational tidbits, though no actual programming).
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