Math 90: Week 10

We deviated from our regular course of action this week, so we did not have preset examples to do in classes. So instead, I will say a few things, and this can be the new posthead for questions.

We will have a test next week, but I will not have office hours on Monday and I might miss morning recitation. I’ve asked Tom to be ready to step in, so (barring acts of the gods) there will be class next week. I will still be in MRC next week, and I’m planning on having office hours next Wednesday instead. I will be holding additional office hours, in my office, from 11am to 2pm on Wednesday.

Usually we preview the homework in class, but since we didn’t do that this time and I will not be available to help you with the homework before you have to turn it in, I extra encourage you to use this space to ask any questions you have here.

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