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I am happy to announce that an enhanced version of phasemagplot is now available, which I refer to as colormapplot. (See also the announcement post for phasemagplot).

This is available at davidlowryduda/phasemagplot on github as a sage library. See the github page and README for examples and description. The docstring from within sage should also be of use.

As a general rule, the interface is designed to mimic the complex plotting interface from sage as closely as possible. The primary difference here is that there is an optional cmap keyword argument. This can be given any matplotlib-compatible colormap, and the resulting image will be given with that colormap.

This is capable of producing colormapped, contoured images such as the following.

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Comments (2)
  1. 2022-03-27 Andrew

    Some plots in SageMath, what do you think: https://sheerluck.github.io My first web site ever in my life :)

  2. 2022-04-20 davidlowryduda

    I like that you made a custom colormap and went with it. I think this sort of experimentation will lead to powerful, informative visualizations.

    Congratulations on making a website!