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Suppose you had a pizza, and you were asked to find the volume of the pizza.

Let’s assume, with huge loss of generality, that our pizza is approximately a right cylinder, and call it’s height a and it’s radius z (it’s well known that pizza’s cover everything from a to z, so this is appropriate). The area of a right cyliner is $latex pi * r^2 * height,$ which in this case is

$latex pi * z * z * a$.

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Math – dealing with sin (and cos) every day.

I start this blog just as I am finishing up my undergraduate degrees and heading for grad school in math. I will keep a record of interesting problems and facts that come up along the was as well as listing open problems (as far as I can tell) and updates on my research.

To start, I give credit to a far more famous David:

“Mathematics is a game played according to certain simple rules with meaningless marks on paper.” – David Hilbert

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