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  1. Making Plots of Modular Forms
  2. Non-real poles and irregularity of distribution I
  3. Notes from a talk at the Maine-Quebec Number Theory Conference
  4. The Insidiousness of Mathematics
  5. Another proof of Taylor’s Theorem
  6. Email configuration for mutt on a webfaction server
  7. Choosing functions and generating figures for “When are there continuous choices for the mean value abscissa?”
  8. Paper: When are there continuous choices for the Mean Value Abscissa? with Miles Wheeler
  9. How do we decide how many representatives there are for each state?
  10. African clawed frog
  11. Talk: Finding Congruent Numbers, Arithmetic Progressions of Squares, and Triangles
  12. Writing a Python Script to be Used in Vim
  13. Slides for a talk at JMM 2019
  14. Update to Second Moments in the Generalized Gauss Circle Problem
  15. The wrong way to compute a sum: addendum
  16. The wrong way to compute a sum
  17. Using lcalc to compute half-integral weight L-functions
  18. Extra comparisons in Python’s timsort
  19. Speed talks should be at every conference
  20. A bookmarklet to inject colorblind friendly CSS into Travis CI
  21. Seeing color shouldn’t feel like a superpower
  22. Notes from a Talk at Building Bridges 4
  23. Splitting Easy MathSE Questions into a New NoviceMathSE Is a Bad Idea
  24. Ghosts of Forums Past
  25. Challenges facing community cohesion (and Math.StackExchange in particular)
  26. Paper Announcement: A Shifted Sum for the Congruent Number Problem
  27. Cracking Codes with Python: A Book Review
  28. Notes from a talk at Tufts, Automorphic Forms Workshop
  29. Hosting a Flask App on WebFaction on a Non-root Domain
  30. Segregation, Gerrymandering, and Schelling’s Model
  31. The Hawaiian Missile Crisis
  32. Slides from a talk at the Joint Math Meetings 2018
  33. We begin bombing Korea in five minutes: Parallels to Reagan in 1984
  34. Advent of Code: Day 4
  35. Advent of Code: Day 3
  36. Advent of Code: Day 2
  37. Advent of Code: Day 1
  38. A Jupyter Notebook from a SageMath tutorial
  39. Having no internet for four half weeks isn’t necessarily all bad
  40. A Short Note on Gaps Between Powers of Consecutive Primes
  41. Sage Days 87 Demo: Interfacing between sage and the LMFDB
  42. “Second Moments in the Generalized Gauss Circle Problem” (with T. Hulse, C. Ieong Kuan, and A. Walker)
  43. How fat would we have to get to balance carbon emissions?
  44. Slides from a Dissertation Defense
  45. Experimenting with latex2html5: PSTricks to HTML interactivity
  46. Slides from a Talk at the Dartmouth Number Theory Seminar
  47. Smooth Sums to Sharp Sums 1
  48. About 2017
  49. Revealing zero in fully homomorphic encryption is a Bad Thing
  50. My Teaching
  51. Programming Masthead
  52. Math 100 Fall 2016: Concluding Remarks
  53. Computing pi with tools from Calculus
  54. Series Convergence Tests with Prototypical Examples
  55. A Notebook Preparing for a Talk at Quebec-Maine
  56. Math 100: Completing the partial fractions example from class
  57. “On Functions Whose Mean Value Abscissas are Midpoints, with Connections to Harmonic Functions” (with Paul Carter)
  58. Paper: Sign Changes of Coefficients and Sums of Coefficients of Cusp Forms
  59. Math 42 Spring 2016 Student Showcase
  60. Math 42: Concluding Remarks
  61. Math 420: Supplement on Gaussian Integers II
  62. Math 420: Supplement on Gaussian Integers
  63. A Brief Notebook on Cryptography
  64. Motivating a Change of Variables in $\int \log x / (x^2 + ax + b) dx$
  65. Math 420: Second Week Homework
  66. Math 420: First Week Homework and References
  67. Paper:Short-Interval Averages of Sums of Fourier Coefficients of Cusp Forms
  68. Paper: The Second Moments of Sums of Fourier Coefficients of Cusp Forms
  69. Estimating the number of squarefree integers up to $X$
  70. Some Statistics on the Growth of Math.SE
  71. One cute integral served two ways
  72. The Gamma Function, Beta Function, and Duplication Formula
  73. Notes from a talk on the Mean Value Theorem
  74. Mathematics Category Archive
  75. Three Conundrums on Infinity
  76. Continuity of the Mean Value
  77. Review of How Not to Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg
  78. Another proof of Wilson’s Theorem
  79. Trigonometric and related substitutions in integrals
  80. A bit more about partial fraction decomposition
  81. Functional Equations for L-Functions arising from Modular Forms
  82. A response to FtYoU’s question on Reddit
  83. Friendly Introduction to Sieves with a Look Towards Progress on the Twin Primes Conjecture
  84. Math 100 Fall 2013: Concluding Remarks
  85. Response to bnelo12’s question on Reddit (or the Internet storm on $1 + 2 + \ldots = -1/12$)
  86. An Intuitive Overview of Taylor Series
  87. Response to fattybake’s question on Reddit
  88. Math 100: Before second midterm
  89. Comments vs documentation in python
  90. Programming
  91. Math 100: Week 4
  92. Math 100: Week 3 and pre-midterm
  93. Happy Birthday to The Science Guy
  94. An intuitive introduction to calculus
  95. Twenty Mathematicians, Two Hard Problems, One Week, IdeaLab2013
  96. Chinese Remainder Theorem (SummerNT)
  97. Notes on the first week (SummerNT)
  98. A proof from the first sheet (SummerNT)
  99. Recent developments in Twin Primes, Goldbach, and Open Access
  100. Calculations with a Gauss-type Sum
  101. A Book Review of Count Down: The Race for Beautiful Solutions at the IMO
  102. Hurwitz Zeta is a sum of Dirichlet L Functions, and vice-versa
  103. Math journals and the fight over open access
  104. Are the calculus MOOCs any good: After week 1
  105. Are the calculus MOOCs any good?
  106. Math 90: Concluding Remarks
  107. Math 90: Week 11 and Midterm Solutions
  108. An Application of Mobius Inversion to Certain Asymptotics I
  109. Math 90: Week 10
  110. Math 90: Week 8 Quiz
  111. Math 90: Week 8
  112. Math 90: Week 7
  113. Math 90: Week 5
  114. Math 90: Week 4
  115. Math 90: Week 3
  116. Math 90: Week 2
  117. Math 90: Week 1
  118. The danger of confusing cosets and numbers
  119. An elementary proof of when 2 is a quadratic residue
  120. Dancing ones PhD
  121. Precalculus Supplement: Synthetic Division
  122. A MSE Collection: Topology Book References
  123. Three number theory bits: One elementary, the 3-Goldbach, and the ABC conjecture
  124. A MSE Collection: A list of basic integrals
  125. A pigeon for every hole, and then one (sort of)
  126. From the Exchange: Is it unheard of to like math but hate proofs?
  127. Back to Work
  128. Education Musings
  129. Tiontobl: A combinatorial game
  130. Mapping Class Groups
  131. Ghostwritten Word
  132. Not so Nobel today
  133. Points under Parabola
  134. Finding the Number of Lattice Points Under a Quadratic
  135. Two short problems
  136. Page update
  137. A new toy problem
  138. Reading Math
  139. A month, you say?
  140. Fermat Factorization II
  141. From the Exchange
  142. Factoring III
  143. Prime rich and prime poor
  144. Factoring II
  145. Giving Journals
  146. Back and Forum-ing: Beating a dead horse
  147. The Collatz Conjecture – recent development?
  148. Visiting Gaussian Quadrature
  149. Factoring I
  150. Daily Math in Zagreb
  151. Integration by Parts
  152. Dead Week / Finals Week
  153. Khan an effective supplement/ Survey.
  154. Towards an Expression for pi II
  155. Towards an Expression for Pi
  156. 2401: Additional Examples for Test 3
  157. Slow factoring algorithm II
  158. Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes
  159. An even later pi day post
  160. An interesting (slow) factoring algorithm
  161. Math subject organization
  162. Perfect Partitions II
  163. A Bag’s Journey in Search of its Owner
  164. Perfect Partitions
  165. Mathematical ‘Urban Legends’
  166. About 3 weeks behind:
  167. A Question on Stoplights
  168. A late pi day post
  169. Containers of Water II
  170. 2401: Missing recitation
  171. Containers of Water: Maybe an interesting question.
  172. Test Solution
  173. Pizza
  174. Fun Limit
  175. Math – dealing with sin (and cos) every day.