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As this blog started after March 14th, it hasn't paid the proper amount of attention to $ \pi $. I only bring this up because I have just been introduced to Christopher Poole's intense dedication to $ \pi $. It turns out that Christopher has set up a $ \pi $-phone, i.e. a phone number that you can call if you want to hear $ pi $. It will literally read out the digits of $ \pi $ to you. I've only heard the first 20 or so digits, but perhaps the more adventurous reader will find out more. The number is 253 243-2504. Call it if you are ever in need of some $ \pi $.

Of course, I can't leave off on just that - I should at least mention two other great $ \pi $-day attractions (late as they are). Firstly, any unfamiliar with the $ \tau $ movement should read up on it or check out Vi Hart's pleasant video. I also think it's far more natural to relate the radius to the circumference rather than the diameter to the circumference (but it would mean that area becomes not as pleasant as $ \pi r^2 $).

Finally, there is a great musical interpretation and celebration of $ \pi $. What if you did a round (or fugue) based on interpreting each digit of $ \pi$ as a different musical note? Well, now you can find out!

Until $ \tau $ day!

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