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2401: Missing recitation

As I went to visit Brown on the 16th-18th, I had my friend Matt cover recitation. As we have started considering double and triple integrals, and iterated integrals in particular, I thought I could point out a very good site for brushing up on material. I think it can act as a wonderful supplement to the lecture and recitation material. The Khan Academy is an online information center built around the idea that video presentations and video lectures can give intuition without adding any pressure – you can rewatch anything you’ve missed, repeat important parts, etc. all without feeling like you’re wasting someone’s time. While most of the Khan material is aimed at primary and secondary school, they happen to have a multivariable calculus section (although it’s far insufficient to Tech’s course material – don’t think of this as a replacement, but instead as merely a supplementary way to build intuition).

Here are links to the Khan Academy website, and links to 5 lectures that I think are relevant to material I would have covered.

Khan website
Intro to iterated integrals

I encourage you to check them out before we meet again for recitation.

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